about the artist


life, study and work

• I was born in 1980 in Ljubljana and I currently live and work in Medvode, Slovenia.
• At the age of 21 I started studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where I learned classic drawing and painting tecniques.
• I dedicated my bachelor’s and master’s degree diplomas to minimalistic gestural paintings under the title Formalised gesture.
• I have worked as a visual art mentor in various courses since 2007.
• I participate in the ongoing project Oba/oboje, which explores painting in a tandem with colleague painter Renata Grmovšek.
• Besides abstraction, I explore painting in different other styles and enjoy making illustrations, various drawings, cartoons, comics and other visual art artifacts.

“Personally, I love good fellowship and unspoiled nature. I work hard to find harmony in myself and express to the world in any way possible.”
-Peter Gaber


selected exhibitions:

2016 – Slovenindija, Exhibition at the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, National gallery of modern arts, New Delhi, India
2016 – Monochrome, group exhibition of members of Združenje likovnih umetnikov Škofje loke, Lokarjeva galerija, Ajdovščina
2016 – Ilustrations for the Records of Early English Drama North-East exhibition, Durham university, England
2015 – Človek, glej, exhibition at the 70 year commemoration of the end of Second world war, Nuns monastery, Škofja loka
2015 – Contemporary landscape, 4th Internation art festival, Town’s hall, Kranj
2014 – Gaber/Pintar, Sokolski dom, Škofja loka, Slovenia
2013 – Formalizirana gesta, Erberg pavillions, Dol near Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 – Oba/Oboje, Team exhibition with Renata Grmovšek of mutually made paintings, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2010 – Formalizirana gesta, Hest, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2009 – Student painting exhibition, Universal Cube, Leibzig, Germany
2007 – Formalizirana gesta, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 – Untitled exhibition, Youth center, Velenje, Slovenia


peter gaber
cesta na svetje 76
1215 medvode

+386 31 515 021


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